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Following are some of my favorite software Easter Eggs.

Adaptec Easy CD Creator

1. Click on Help
2. Click on About
3. Press Ctrl-Shift and click on the Creator logo
4. Hear the music and see the credits.

Adobe Photoshop 5.5

1. Hold down the Ctrl and Alt keys.
2. Pull down the Help menu and choose About.
3. You'll be treated to a nice ocean view rather than the usual logo.

Dreamweaver 2 or 3

To see some pictures of the DW developers do the following:

1. Select a picture in your page
2. Open your properties pallette
3. Hold down Ctrl (PC tested only) and double-click the preview picture on the properties pallette
4. Have fun seeing the developers (Pic & Name)
5. Keep Ctrl-double-clicking to see other developers, too

Have fun!

Excel 97 has a Flight Simulator Easter Egg.

Apparently the constant rain in Redmond has driven Bill's engineers to obsessive flights of fancy. Below you'll find instructions on how to access a little flight simulator that was inexplicably hidden by precipitation-maddened programmers deep inside Excel 97. In Excel 97, open a new blank work sheet. Press F5 (go to function) and type X97:L97 in the ""Reference"" box, then click OK. Now hit your tab key once (you should end up in cell M97).

Here's the tricky part: press ""Ctrl"" and ""Shift"" while clicking once on the ""chart wizard"" icon (the one at the top with the blue-yellow-red bar chart). After a few moments you should be flying. Steer with the mouse, accel and decel with the left and right mouse buttons respectively, and look for the monolith with the programmer credits. You can exit the screen by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

Steer with the mouse. Moving it sideways moves you sideways. Acceleration depends on mouse acceleration. Left click to zoom in, right click to zoom out. You can hit escape to quit, but then you must restart Excel and do it all over again to get back.

Excel 2000

1. Boot Excel 2000
2. Under the File menu, choose 'Save as Web Page'
3. Choose 'Publish Sheet' and 'Add Interactivity'
4. Save to some htm page on your drive.
5. Load the htm page with IE. You should have Excel in the middle of the page.
6. Page Down until you get to row 2000. Ctrl-Right Arrow to go to the end, then left arrow until you hit column WC.
7. Select row 2000, and tab so that WC is the active column.
8. Hold down Shift+Crtl+Alt nad click the Office logo in the upper-left.
9. If you have DirectX, you will be playing what looks like spy hunter. Use the arrow keys to drive, space to fire, O to drop oil slicks, and when it gets dark, use H for your headlights.

Flash 4 Easter Eggs

1. Click Help, About Flash.
2. Quickly, *double* click the Macromedia logo with the two upward pointing arrows, to the right of the About Box.
3. Click the "thanks" button to the right to make the logo bounce up and down.
4. Click the "team" button to the right to play the rather cool "Gary's Car Jump Game!"
5. Try to get past 12 cars, that's as far as I got! :)

HP JetAdmin

1. Choose Help, About.
2. Hold down the left Ctrl and Shift buttons.
3. Double-click on the big icon.
4. The credits and an airplane flying will appear in the box.
5. Use the right mouse button to drop bombs on the safes below.
6. The safes turn into Microsoft icons.
7. You will hear explosions with each bomb if you have a sound card.

IE 5.0

1. Open IE5 Final (5.00.1402.16 or greater)
2. Type "about:<!-- introducing the Trident team -->" into the link line.

Outlook 2000

1. Type "Ren Hoek" (without the quotes) into the "Find a Contact" box on the toolbar and press Enter. (Outlook will say that it cannot find the requested contact.)
2. Click on this menu item: Tools->Macro->Macros.
3. In the "Macro Name:" box, type "OL2KRocks" (without the quotes).
4. Click the Create button.
5. The "About Microsoft Outlook" dialog appears.
6. Hold down the CTRL-ALT-SHIFT keys and click OK.
7. The Outlook 2000 team credits appear, along with a game. Try to catch the names as they fly across in the mailbox.

Volcano Names

1. Go to the control panel and choose display (or right-mouse click on any open area of the desktop).
2. Click on the screen savers tab
3. Select "3D Text"
4. Click on settings
5. In the graphics text box type "volcano"

The screen saver will show the names of volcanoes

Windows 98 Team

1. In the Windows directory go to "Application Data\Microsoft\WELCOME"
2. Create a Shortcut for the file Weldata.exe by right clicking on the file and selecting "Create Shortcut"
3. Right click on the newly created shortcut and select "Properties"
4. In the shortcut tab, add the following at the end of the "Target" edit box " You_are_a_real_rascal". This causes the application WELDATA.EXE to be called with the argument You_are_a_real_rascal
5. Now in the "Run" combobox select "Minimized"
6. Click OK and double click the shortcut & ENJOY!

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