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While we try hard to keep useful information on this site, no one site can do it all. You may find the following sites and sources of information very helpful as well. We are proud to be part of the Authorware Web Ring! Thanks to Ix Multimedia Software of the Netherlands for making this possible.

Subscribing to the Authorware List

The Authorware list is an automated e-mail service.  You can post questions about Authorware to the list and every other member of the list will receive the message and may choose to respond to it.  In turn, you can view and respond to messages posted by others. There are currently several hundred active members on the list. 

You can expect from 50 - 100 messages a day in your e-mail box from the list every weekday and a couple of dozen on the weekend. 

To subscribe to the list, send the following message 

   SUBSCRIBE AWARE YourFirstName YourLastName

to the following e-mail address (which you can click now): LISTSERV@CC1.KULEUVEN.AC.BE 

For instance, when I subscribed to the list, I sent the message 


The owners of the list, Danny Engelman and Peter Arien, also provide several features through the list, including the ability to receive all messages in digest form, get a list of other members of the list, and receive copies of list archives. 

One of the most useful features provided is the ability to query the list databases for information contained in previous posts.  To do this, send the following lines: 

   // JOB ECHO=NO 
   //RULES DD * 
   SEARCH Target1 OR Target2 IN AWARE SINCE 01-JAN-94 

to the same e-mail address: LISTSERV@CC1.KULEUVEN.AC.BE 

To ask for copies of messages that contain the targets "AVI" or "Quicktime" that were posted after July 1, 1998, you can set line 4 above to the following: 

The results will be sent back to you as an e-mail message.

Macromedia Site

Macromedia is a very popular site and contains several very informative areas regarding Authorware (as well they should, since they make the product!).

The Macromedia Users Conference:

The Shockwave Download Center:

The Shockwave Center:

The Authorware Developers Center:

Macromedia's Learning Division:

The main Macromedia site:

On-line Services

You can access Authorware help on the following on-line services: 

America On-Line: 
  Keyword Macromedia 

  GO Macromedia

Other Web Sites

Here are other sites that can prove useful to your Authorware education.

Steve Howard's FAQs, Tips and Hints

Danny Engelman's Authorware List Server Archive Site:

Stefan Van As' Authorware Extensions Site:


Magic Modules - Home of BuddyAPI

TextSize.u32 - Easily find the width or height of a string using any font, style and size.

Gary's Authorware Experiments

Authorware Tips

Amy Blankenship's Authorware site

Mark Steiner's Authorware resources

Barbara Brown's Authorware Resources

Great Authorware stuff from the Mole with the Mojo

The e-Learning Developer Forum

Apurva Lawale's Authorware site

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