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Here are a few articles related to Authorware and excerpts from some AWARE list discussions.


Authorware 4.0 Review
Originally published in Brandon Hall's Multimedia & Internet Training Newsletter. August 1997

Case Study: The Social Security Administration Call Center
Originally published in Brandon Hall's Multimedia & Internet Training Newsletter. February 1998

Four Approaches to Authoring
Originally published in Brandon Hall's Multimedia & Internet Training Newsletter.

How to improve your skills in Authorware
Advice from a true guru how to improve you own Authorware skills

Is programming knowledge in Authorware really needed?
For those who question whether scripting is necessary, here's why.

Registering ActiveX Controls
Sometimes when you want to register ActiveX controls (files with *.ocx), it becomes a real pain. Well, this example might ease up all the process for you.

Resizing Fullscreen With A Centered Window On The Screen
Taking over the screen in Authorware projects is easier than many people think.

Six Things Programmers Would Like Project Managers and Designers to Know
Read this short article. If you can think of other helpful hints, feel free to email me with them.

The Macromedia Attain Enterprise Learning System
Originally published in Brandon Hall's Multimedia & Internet Training Newsletter.

Aware List Discussions

256 colors palettes
Lots of Information about color palettes from two sources.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane (8 March 1999)
Ah, the good old days!

Authorware Bitmap Optimization
Some questions and answers regarding the Bitmap Optimization feature of Authorware.

Authorware layers and graphic performance
Explanation of how Authorware deals with displaying graphics.

Automatic Erasing in Authorware (1 July 1999)
A discussion of how erasing works in Authorware.

Developing CDrom titles
Some advice on creating a CD based project.

First time CBT designers requesting advise from wizards
An explanation of how to budget an Authorware project, from Sept. 1996, but still true.

How DLL's work in AWARE and why you get GPF's when you do something wrong.
A clue's to understand better what is going on when using DLL-functions with Authorware.

How to Estimate Courseware Costs (29 November 1999)
A few thoughts on the eternal quest to estimate courseware costs correctly.

Joint Application Development (JAD)
The meaning of JAD.

Programmers vs. Non-programmers
An observation of how programmers and non-programmers stack up in Authorware development.

Some Differences Between Director and Authorware (12 June 1999)
A short discussion based on personal experience.

Some Differences Between the Navigate Icon and the GoTo Function (20 June 1999)
Another short discussion based on personal experience.

The use of = and := in Authorware (24 November 1999)
Authorware is very forgiving when checking scripting syntax. Be careful! This article teaches you to avoid a deadly trap!

Using Calculation Ornaments to Minimize the Number of Icons (28 June 1999)
How to cut out unneeded Wait icons, Sound icons, and Movie icons

What is Leaking Memory? (3 April 2000)
What it means when memory leaks and you don't have tight-fitting diapers.

Why Hire a Designer When You can Plagiarize for Free? (6 July1999)
Apple copies Xerox look and feel. Microsoft copies Apple software look and feel. Future Power copies Apple hardware look and feel. Why?