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We work so hard: sometimes, we just need to sit back and laugh.  This section has been started to give us some relief from our oh-so-serious deadlines.  A quick read, a quick walk around the block, and we're ready to jump back into the fray.

Index to the funny stuff:

A Letter from the Smithsonian Institute
A New Product from Microsoft: BSOD
A Trip to a Trade Show
And you thought YOU had integration issues
Be Careful When Writing E-Mail
Bill Gates in Hell
Bill Gates in the Afterlife
Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?
Christmas = Halloween
Collection of 'One-liner' Signature Files Found on the Internet
Corporate America in the 90's
Courtroom Quips
Cynic's Guide to Hi-Tech
Elephant Hunting
Enough with the Internet Hoaxes!
Evolution of a Computer Programmer
Five Apes and Corporate Policy
Foolish People At Work
Funny English Signs from Around the World
Haiku Error Messages
How many Internet Mailing List Subscribers Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?
How Many Lawyers Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?
How Specs Live Forever
How to REALLY get rich
How To Tell if a Redneck Has Been on Your Computer
If Architects Had to Work Like Software Developers
If Computer Operating Systems Ran the Airlines
If Congress Keeps Cutting NASA's Budget
If Microsoft Built Cars
If Product Warnings Were Based on the Laws of Physics
If Restaurants Functioned Like the Customer Support at Some Companies
Instructions for Microsoft's New TV Dinner Product
Insurance Excuses
It was the Night Before Y2K
Job Opportunity Guidelines
Letters to Public Assistance
Life Imponderables
Love at First Website
Management vs. the Tech Guy
Mars Air Force Denies Stories of UFO Crash
Men Who Use Computers Are The New Sex Symbols Of The `90s
Microsoft Announces a New Product
MICROSOFT Bids to Acquire Catholic Church
Microsoft Corp, in 1978. Would You Have Invested?
Microsoft Corporation Patented the Numbers One and Zero Monday
Modern Business Wisdom
News Report: Bill Gates to Purchase CBS
Ode to a Spell Checker
Omni Magazine Contest Results
Our New Laptops
Pilot Humor
Public execution
RHI's Believe It or Not
Santa Claus: An Engineering Analysis
School Excuses
Silicon Valley Speak
Simplifying the English Language
Sometimes problems ARE real
Star Trek: The Next Generation Lost Episode - The Windows Encounter
Tech Support Stories [Part 1]
Tech Support Stories [Part 2]
Tech Support Stories [Part 3]
The Astrononmer and the Chauffeur
The Day that Windows Died (Microsoft Pie)
The Engineer and the Talking Frog
The Engineer Song
The Internet Soapbox
The Obligatory Light Bulb Jokes
The Programmer and the Genie
The Programmer's Song
The Real Reason Dogs Don't Use Computers
The Real Reason I Don't Play Basketball
The Shipwrecked Engineer
The Six Phases of a Project
The Ten Types of People in the World
The Top Ten Complaints About Authorware
The Train Trip
The Value of a COBOL programmer
The Wit of Airline Attendants
Things You Would Never Know Without the Movies
Today's Rules for the Workplace - Advice to Grads
Top 10 Ways That Life Would Be Different If Microsoft Built Cars
Top Ten Signs It's Time to Join E-Mailers Anonymous
Travel Agent Stories
Understanding Engineers, Take 1
Understanding Engineers, Take 2
Understanding Engineers, Take 3
Understanding Engineers, Take 4
Understanding Engineers, Take 5
Useful Computer Acronyms
What if Doctor Seuss Had Written Tech Manuals?
What if People Bought Cars as They Do Computers?
Why programmers take long showers
Windows 2000 Messages
Windows 95 Defined
Windows 98 Secret Source Code
You Know You're an Engineer If...