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Questions when Working in Your Authorware File

Using the presentation window

1000 - Is there something in Authorware like UPDATESTAGE in Director?
1013 - How can I create a simple alert box?
1023 - How can I get a radio button to move with the scrolling graphic it is on top of?
1062 - Can I change the position of my object inside a display icon dynamically?
1075 - How do I get rid of Word formatting when pasting into Authorware?
1082 - What is the script to make sure the presentation window is centered, no mattter what the screen resolution is?
1093 - Why can't I select the text tool in my Display icon?
B1001 - How do I set up a secure password entry system?
B1002 - Is it possible to have text scroll by in a window like a ticker tape?
B1003 - How can I display the time and have it continually update in real time?
B1004 - How can I show a running minutes:seconds digital clock?
B1005 - How can I use Authorware variables and functions to create a pie chart?
B1006 - How do I make a box on the screen shrink and grow?
B1007 - How do I make my window height really small?
B1008 - How do I position an object on the screen by pixel position?
B1009 - How do I make sure everything stays centered no matter what my resolution?
B1010 - How do I show a properly formatted real-time clock?
B1011 - How do I create a text variable that will allow quotes to show up?
B1012 - How do I show an alpha symbol on a button?
B1013 - How do I change which external file will be shown through a variable?
B1014 - Why does the title bar show up when it shouldn't?
B1015 - How do I display good miniature screen shots?
B1016 - How do I make my own zooming effect?
B1017 - How do I change the title bar text?
B1018 - How do I resize the Flash animation once I've imported it?
B1019 - How do I make sure the presentation window has finished updating before moving on?
B1020 - How do I make sure my Authorware presentation will work on different size monitors?
B1021 - How do I use math symbols in my text?
B1022 - How do I show a countdown timer?

Creating interactions

1003 - Why are the internal Authorware variables returning the wrong values in an interaction?
1016 - How can I control if a button is active or not?
1043 - Can I use the Active If field so a button displays only if the contents of a specific Display Icon is shown?
1045 - How do I turn caps lock on for a text entry response field?
1052 - How can I create a simple popup glossary?
1074 - How do I set up a target area response with a video on the screen?
1077 - How do I set up two hot spots with the same feedback?
1081 - How do I mimic a button rollover with hot spots?
1088 - How do I make two buttons mutually exclusive?
1091 - How do I position the cursor in a preset text entry field?
1092 - How do I set up scrolling selectable lists?
B2001 - How do I change the speed of the "Put Back" Target Area option?
B2002 - How do I differentiate between a user single click and a double click?
B2003 - How do I make an Exit option available in ALL my frameworks?
B2004 - I would like to know the text on the line the user clicks. How?
B2005 - How do I stop text in a text entry field from being prehighlighted?
B2006 - How do I make a text's color change when the user moves the cursor over it?
B2007 - How do I make an object follow the cursor without the user first clicking it?
B2008 - How do I force a text entry's input to be all capital letters?
B2009 - How do I show the right answer inside the text entry field?
B2010 - How do I make a multiple choice question when the user must click two responses?
B2011 - How do I change the action key for a text entry response?
B2012 - How do I generate two random numbers and ask the user to add them?
B2013 - What do I need to keep in mind when a touch screen is used for student interaction?
B2014 - How do I change the color of the text in my buttons?
B2015 - How do I play a sound on a Target Area put back option?
B2016 - How do the different interaction timer options work?
B2017 - Is there a way I can make a Flash object as a hot object?
B2018 - How do I know which was the last character the user clicked?
B2019 - How do I make a dynamic button?
B2020 - How can I turn a button on and off whenever I wish?
B2021 - Why doesn't the CapsLock key work when I want to accept a shifted arrow key for student input?
B2022 - How do I turn off the Checked state for all the buttons in my file all at once?
B2023 - How can I check for more than one answer in a fill-in-the-blank?

Using audio

1040 - How can I play two sounds at the same time?
1068 - When is the vct32161.dll file needed?
1080 - Oops, button sounds are interfering with other sounds. What do I do?
B3001 - How do I stop a Sound icon when it is playing?
B3002 - How do I have background audio run continuously?
B3003 - How do I play external sounds in Authorware before version 4?
B3004 - Why do my subroutine sounds stop playing before they should?
B3005 - How do I play MIDI files in my application?
B3006 - How do I set up an event to happen at the end of a sound playing?

Using video

1007 - Why donít my AVI files play?
1019 - How can I play a movie after a half second pause?
1072 - Can't I autostart a QT movie that has a controller bar?
1073 - Why does my video skip so badly when compressed?
B4001 - My Quicktime movie is covering up too much. What to do?
B4002 - I can't resize my ActiveMovie window! What do I do?
B4003 - Why is my video not showing but the video's audio track is playing?
B4004 - How can I get transparent backgrounds in FLC movies?
B4005 - Why can't I insert my QuickTime movie?
B4006 - How do I run a video that is in a Directory 7 .exe file?

Jumping and interacting with other files

1026 - How can I run Authorware and another app at the same time, and have a user interact with both?
1032 - How can I jump to a Word doc from inside a piece?
1038 - How can I have a link to an external mail client inside my application?
1079 - Can I jump between an a6p packaged file to a5p packaged files?
1090 - How do I call an external PowerPoint file?
B5001 - How do I jump to a specific icon in a different file?
B5002 - How do I allow the user to type a page name and then jump to it?
B5003 - How do I have the user type a page number instead, then jump to it?
B5004 - How do I make an Authorware file wait during a JumpOutReturn?
B5005 - Why isn't my records location working when I jump to another file?
B5006 - How can I set up a jump menu from a text file?
B5007 - How can I get text from the clipboard loaded into a variable?
B5008 - How can I have Authorware read the Windows registry?
B5009 - Why does it not work when I try to concatenate the FileLocation variable?
B5010 - How do I pass variables with JumpFileReturn?
B5011 - How do I print a text file correctly with JumpPrintReturn?
B5012 - How do I make sure write.exe is closed before I call it with JumpOutReturn?
B5013 - How do I search through several files for a target string?
B5014 - Should I jump to Notepad or Wordpad?
B5015 - Why are my file path names not working! [The dangers of backslashes!]
B5016 - How do I get the external FTP functions to work?
B5017 - How do I manipulate external files so that they're not easily seen by users?
B5018 - How do I search my hard drive for a specific folder?
B5019 - How do I delete the last line of an external text file?

Using specific functions

1002 - How do I use the array function?
1012 - How can I track if an icon is being dragged?
1014 - Tell me about the goto?
1034 - Why wont HotTextClicked trigger?
1042 - Can I use EvalAssign in an Icon Title?
1046 - How can I have quiz results emailed to my students or myself?
1047 - Why doesnít my Test() not work off a CD?
1048 - What exactally does GetIconContents do?
1051 - Is there a way to set the seed number for the random number generator?
1053 - How do I read data from a text file?
1063 - Can 10 lists can be sorted using SortByValue?
1065 - How can I prevent users from closing my program?
1071 - Why isn't SetIconProperty working in packaged mode?
1096 - Accessibility Kit: How do I tell when a piece of text has stopped being spoken?
B6001 - Why is Eval not working for me?
B6002 - How do I change button text in real time?
B6003 - Why is there overlap between the CMI functions and variables?
B6004 - How do I use the CallSprite function?
B6005 - What are the three ways to reference icons with DisplayIcon?
B6006 - Why isn't SetPostPoint working in packaged mode? What can I do?

Using linear lists and property lists

1001 - How can I use lists to track simple test questions and responses?
1024 - Why do list assignments work the way they do?
1060 - How can I track a users performance on a test?
1061 - How can I restore a list from an external file?
1089 - How do I convert a comma-delimited string to a linear list?
1095 - How do I turn a list of field names into a property list?
B7001 - How can I keep track of a user's entries in a form? [includes a short discussion of lists and property lists]
B7002 - How can I dynamically track the location of a button [includes more on property lists!]
B7003 - How do I convert a property list to a linear list?
B7004 - How do I convert a Tab/Return delimited string to a 2D list?
B7005 - How are the Rect functions used?
B7006 - How do I add a property to a property list from a variable?
B7007 - How do I set up a multidimensional array?
B7008 - What is the purpose of property lists? [Part 1]
B7009 - What is the purpose of property lists? [Part 2]
B7010 - How do I get the Max function to return the real value?
B7011 - Why do funny things happen when I append a string to a list?
B7012 - How can I set up different languages [using lists and property lists]?

Scripting (when not covered in other sections)

1015 - How can I find location that windows is installed?
1021 - How can I find a folder on the users computer, using only an Authorware script?
1022 - How can I delete the last line of an external file?
1027 - Whatís the deal with backslashes in Authorware?
1031 - How can I count all occurrences of a letter in an external file?
1033 - How can I send double quotes via a query string?
1039 - How can I figure out what section of my course the user is in after they jump from one section to another?
1067 - How can I create a Case/Select/Switch statement inside a calc icon in Authorware?
1069 - Why would I ever use SystemSeconds?
1070 - I don't understand repeat loops. Help!
1078 - How do expression shortcuts work? They look cool, but I don't get it.
1086 - What does "\"" mean?
1087 - What can I do if my file stops working after my computer crashes?
B8001 - How do I find out on which line number a string of text is found?
B8002 - How do I tell the name of the CD-ROM on a Macintosh?
B8003 - How do I tell the letter of the CD-ROM in Windows?
B8004 - How do I have some code execute every time the user changes Framework pages?
B8005 - How can I ensure that the date the end user has entered is valid?
B8006 - I'm confused when comparing strings and numbers. Can you help?
B8007 - How can I give the user a button to navigate to the highest page seen?
B8008 - How can I capture the Framework icon's name when jumping to one of its pages?
B8009 - How do I pause inside a Repeat loop?
B8010 - How do I make the ImportMedia function work?
B8011 - Why is Authorware not finding the external Help file I'm trying to access?

General Authorware Questions

Common questions

1004 - How can I determine the local time relative to where a piece is running?
1005 - How can I calculate the correct time for an area that is different from the local time?
1006 - What installer should I use?
1008 - What is the minimum window size for a packaged Authorware project?
1009 - Why does my reference to a specific IconTitle not work?
1010 - Why does my piece dock in the top left corner when I have it set to full screen?
1011 - How does cover.u32 work?
1020 - Why did my file suddenly stop working?
1025 - How can I insure that graphics and sounds that were developed to be in sync are in sync on a target machine?
1028 - What can I do if my file stops working after my computer crashes?
1029 - What can I do if I get an error saying the file is read only?
1030 - How can I reformat the date from 2000-12-18 to 12/18/00?
1035 - How do the active if field of buttons work?
1036 - What can I do if I get an Error of Computer memory is full?
1037 - Is there a way to make a splash screen while an application loads?
1041 - How can I change the date format?
1044 - Why do my attempts to make the background of an image not transfer to Authorware?
1049 - Why do I get an error that says "The filename format is incorrect, Ö long filenames are not supported ..."?
1050 - What should I do to ensure a pieces' multi-language support?
1054 - What is the best program?
1066 - How can I embed a variable in a string?
1094 - How do I turn off the automatic KO box?
C1001 - I have a corrupt icon I can't delete! What do I do instead?
C1002 - How do I prevent some pages from being searched upon by users?
C1003 - Why is my screen not updating when I'm using a Repeat loop?
C1004 - How do I change a button font or color?
C1005 - How do I set up a cross-platform floating dialog box?
C1006 - How do I search on embedded Display variables?
C1007 - How do I know how many icons I have in my file?
C1008 - Authorware says all of our fonts are different, but they're not! What to do?
C1009 - Why does my computer self-destruct when I use Repeat...While?
C1010 - How do I make sure each icon title is unique and why should I care?
C1011 - I'm using a Decision icon. How do I reset it in my file?
C1012 - Why aren't there more Authorware web-enabled sites on the Web? Where can I find help?
C1013 - Is there an Xtra for File I/O in Authorware as in Director?
C1014 - My Framework Calculation ornament is not working. Why?
C1015 - Why doesn't my file decrease in size if I use small GIFs instead of big BMPs?
C1016 - Why does my system hang when I save and compact or package?
C1017 - Why does Authorware sometimes say an icon doesn't exist when I refer to it with the @ symbol?
C1018 - What is the significance of the default filenames checkbox when packaging?
C1019 - Why doesn't my Authorware application fill my laptop screen?
C1020 - Why can't I save my Authorware file?

Publishing files

1057 - Why does my animated GIF not play when the piece is packaged?
1058 - How can I make sure that I can deliver over a LAN that restricts package size?
1064 - Why is AW6 publishing unused U32s?
1076 - Is my published file so much bigger than my source because of button sounds?
1084 - How do I set my web site to be trusted so users don't have to see the Security Dialog box?
C2001 - Why are my Xtras not working in packaged mode?
C2002 - How do I get rid of the closing Made with Macromedia screen?
C2003 - How do I find large media elements in my file to prepare for web delivery?
C2004 - How do I cover the screen and use auto run? (2 questions)
C2005 - Why does my external media get loaded so slowly in my packaged files?
C2006 - Why does my packaged file start so slowly?
C2007 - Why does my packaged file start so slowly? [another]
C2008 - Why does my packaged file RUN so slowly?
C2009 - Why is my custom Continue button not working in packaged mode?
C2010 - My GIF images don't show up in packaged mode. What do I do?
C2011 - Why is my button not working in packaged mode?
C2012 - How do I make my site trusted for web-packaged files without asking the end user?
C2013 - How can I change external media files to a local folder from inside a web-packaged file?

Using libraries

1056 - How can I share libraries with other developers?
1085 - How can I use libraries to deliver a course in two languages?
C3001 - Why doesn't my library decrease in size after I delete part of it?
C3002 - How do I disassociate a library from an Authorware file?
C3003 - When packaging library icons, what is included?
C3004 - What happens when I update my library links?
C3005 - Why are my library links disappearing?

Thinking ahead and thinking back

1017 - Is there an easy way to get rid of a large number of variables at once?
1018 - Will a piece import graphics from a library that it doesnít use?
1059 - Can I set Icons to have certain properties by default?
C4001 - Any precautions when setting up an application for different languages?
C4002 - How can I get the source back from a packaged file in 3.0 or later?
C4003 - How do I avoid palette problems?
C4004 - How do I reduce screen shots so that they still look good?

Other Questions

General multimedia and CBT questions

D1001 - What is the difference between MIDI and WAVE files?
D1002 - How do I print my file to copyright it?
D1003 - What is the difference between bitmap and vector graphics?
D1004 - What do you call different menu levels in your CBT?
D1005 - What is a good methodology for creating courseware?